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Becoming an Informed Voter Essay

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Becoming an Informed Voter GOVT 220

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Becoming an Informed Voter – Researching My Congressional Delegation

What is the Political History of your district and State?
Harris County in the state of Texas was formed in the winter of 1836, and was first called Harrisburg County after an early settler named John Richard Harris. The name changed from Harrisburg County to Harris County in 1839. In the United States House of Representatives, Ted Poe, a Republican, currently represents my district (Northwest Harris County). John Whitmire was elected in 1983 as a Democrat, and he represents Northwest Harris County in the Texas Senate. There are seven major…show more content…

States’ rights, the fight for the unborn and their right to life, and resistance to gun legislation, tend to be some of the top issues for conservative Texas voters. The last time a Democrat carried the state of Texas was in 1976, when Jimmy Carter won the Presidential election. During the 2004 presidential election, then President and Republican candidate, George W. Bush, won with 61.09% against 38.30% votes for the Democratic candidate John Kerry. However, in the more recent Presidential elections that were held in 2008 and in 2012, the very popular Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, did not win the majority vote for Texas. Thus, looking at this information, it can be said that the state of Texas tends to lean more towards the Republican side.

Are the parties relatively even or does one party dominate the elections?
Looking at the election results derived from Texas in the past, it can be said that the Republicans have had the upper hand over the Democratic Party in this state for quite some time, but the cities tend to be very liberal. There are currently only 12 Democratic representatives and 24 Republican representatives to U.S. House of Representatives. ( Since 1846, in the state of Texas, there have been 39 Democratic

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Running Head: BECOMING AN INFORMED VOTER The United States Congress is the national legislative body of our nation in which we abide. Congress is broken into two main chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Ultimately, those who are held as the authoritative figures of our country are all dependent upon our choices as citizens of the nation. We, as a whole country, vote into these two chambers the individuals whom we find necessary and believe are effusively capable of contributing to the management of the United States. The decisions that are made from those who are alleged in the government chairs are reflected through such severe topics that exist in our nation. These matters, in the finale of the running for political positions, are the basic foundations on which the citizens frame their votes. The voting process of our governmental officials requires tedious decision-making, for it serves as the starting point for our nation’s future. By becoming informed voters, the United States nation will consist of men and women who are capable of voting intelligently and casting cognizant ballots. Each of the fifty states of America contains numerous districts. In each district, there is a United States Representative. Virginia has eleven congressional districts. My residential location is found in the Fifth Congressional District. In recent political studies, the fifth district of Virginia voted in a republican favor. The 2012 congressman election that occurred accounted for roughly fifty-five percent of the votes going toward the republican candidate, Robert Hurt, approximately forty-three percent of the votes for the democratic candidate, John Douglass, and the remaining two percent for the third party candidate, Kenneth Hildebrandt (BallotPedia). Other studies that were taken account for in 2010 also show that district five voted in favor of the republican-running candidate, drawing to the conclusion of a republican-favored district (BallotPedia). Aside from the fifth district being a republican one, other political history research has shown that the state of Virginia favors a democratic system approach. The recent election 2

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