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Please excuse this post if it is in the wrong section. After a reasonable search of the site, I was unable to find an existing post that would answer the following question: Is there a recommended site to find accurate CLEP English Composition essay questions?

Thank you for your time,

I'd be surprised if people haven't submitted at least a few dozen essays designed to address sample CLEP topics, for feedback here in the past.

It shouldn't matter if the topic is authentically CLEP; the majority of sample essay topics you find online will help improve your writing skills at the same rate.


This post gives us an even dozen of "clep essay" threads. Although that number may be a result of my search terms not grabbing relevant threads.

I previously read through all the posts and none of them referenced a source for the questions and I want to use representative topics.

I have been unimpressed with recent standardized tests (GMAT as a prime example) and want to make sure I have a full feel for the CLEP authors' style.


I am taking the English comp with essay clep exam. Do you have any tips?

I was also wondering if you actually review the essays. It's been a while since I have written one. What are they looking for? Do you have any information that would be helpful in preparation?

Hello Caroline, I'm also taking a English test in a short time.
I think they look for a good organization, spelling, idioms, sentence structure, and ideas in a writing.
I myself have problems in writing a good essay, but I know that practice will help a lot.

Use some writing books and the other samples written. Also, u should have a tutor to be better.

I also need to know your tips. Sometime, I have no idea in a limit time and always think in my mother language first.

Best is to read well written essays and learn from them.

Leo10 Wrote:I am studying to take the CLEP Composition exam in a week or so, is there anything important that I need to know to do well on the essay portion of the test?

Can anyone explain the essay that contained the mandatory citation?

were the essays' topics fairly easy to elaborate on?

Thank you!

Four tips for this exam:

-Do a search in the upper right corner. Many other people have posted great information

-Check out the information from CLEP: College Composition | CLEP

-Since this exam has essays you might consider purchasing the CLEP Official Study Guide or just the study guide for this exam ($10 on the link above). For this exam in particular I found the study guide to be of great help since it includes sample essays, information on how they grade, and of course a practice test for the multiple-choice portion

-For a free resource you can also check out free-clep-prep's help at College Composition CLEP Study Guide -

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