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...Rolando Valdes April 15, 2013 EAP 1540 Cause and effect Essay Smoke Do you know how many smokers get sick in U.S.A. every year? More than 2.0 million people are diagnose with different diseases due to the smoking habit. Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body, including heart, blood vessels, lungs, eyes, mouth, bones and digestive organs. In this essay we’ll focus in heart and lung diseases. The chemicals in tobacco damage your blood cells. Also, they damage the function of heart. This one increases the risk of atherosclerosis that is a disease in which a substance called plaque builds up in heart arteries. The plaques harden and narrow arteries so this limits the flow of oxygen-blood the heart. By this reason, every smoker suffer from chest pain, heart attack, heart arrhythmias, or even death. Lungs are the most directly affected by smoking. They are designed to provide air that contains oxygen and pass it to the blood stream. The action of smoke causes irritation of the cells lining the air tubes within the lungs. By this reason, they produce mucus that reduces the diameter of the air tubes making it more difficult to breathe. Then, this is when the smoker coughs up the mucus. Cells called cilia are killed while smoking. For this, dust and particles can accumulate making difficult the respiratory process. The long term effect and disease is cancer. In conclusion, people that have been smoking almost their whole life...

A Nonsmoker With a Smoker, by Phillip Lopate

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In the passage `A Nonsmoker With a Smoker' written by Phillip Lopate, the writer discusses his hatred as well as his fascination with smoking. He tells a story about his girlfriend Helen, who was a smoker, and how her smoking bothered him not only in a distasteful manner but also in a manner of not understanding. Because he didn't smoke he didn't realize what it means to those who do. He couldn't understand why, although Helen didn't like the fact that she smoked, she couldn't quit. He couldn't understand the addiction aspect of it. He goes through many of his life experiences of smoking and tries finding understanding with in them.

Merriam-Webster defines smoking as; to inhale and exhale the fumes of burning plant material and especially tobacco; especially: to smoke tobacco habitually. The key word in that definition would be habitually. One who smokes generally is addicted or formed a habit of smoking. Although distasteful to most people, those who smoke are generally willing to quit smoking yet they're unable to "kick the habit." Smokers understand how hard it is to quit. They admire those who were able to quit. We realize the risk of smoking and the obvious side effects that could result to death. Although all the studies show the death effect of smoking many of us are still unable to quit. In the essay, Phillip brought his girlfriend to a social gathering of which she pulled out a cigarette and started to smoke. The hostess apparently was not fond of smoking when she asked her to put it out or go outside. This started a big debate over smoking of which the smokers went outside and the non-smokers stayed inside. Phillip stayed inside although he should have gone with his girlfriend. He was unsure whose side he was on. He wasn't a smoker but he wasn't fully against it. Throughout the essay he was unsure of which side he should have been on. He discussed his opinion and stories that support both arguments.

A smoker knows the effects of smoking as well as the obvious outcome. Some smoke for the image of smoking and most continue to smoke due to the affects of nicotine. Everyone seems to have an opinion on smoking regardless if they do or don't. Recent television commercials that are against smoking has impacted a lot of the population's opinion on smoking. Recent laws in cities around the country are now banning smoking in a lot of public places.

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Restaurants are slowly doing away with the smoking section one by one. Thus making it seem as though those who smoke are banned from the world. The sense of solitude that Phillips girlfriend felt when banished outside of the house can be compared to how smokers feel as they pass these no smoking laws.

Phillip couldn't decide on who was right and who was wrong. He hated the fact that his girlfriend smoked and even attempted to kiss her before she lit one up just so he wouldn't have to taste it. He grew up around smoke and wasn't too fond of it yet he still fought both arguments in his head. Capable of understanding both sides made it hard to decide which side to choose. A large majority are against smoking while a large portion of people still smoke. The concept of knowing it could kill you and know what is going to kill you is something that Phillip couldn't quite understand and something he somewhat admired about smokers. He was uncertain of what could kill him but smokers knew every nail in the coffin. With every cigarette they smoked they were a closer to death. This idea can be bothersome to many smokers yet they still in fact can't kick the habit. Even when this essay was written many years ago it was still the start of a banning of smoking and the start of a nationwide dislike for smoking.

Throughout the essay you read two sides of smoking and how they're portrayed by the smoker and nonsmoker. You also get a chance to find out why the smoker smokes and why they don't. Although smoking is obviously bad for you, you start to understand the struggle and pain one goes through. You understand more of how a non-smoker perceives a smoker. You find out the things they hate about them as well. You learn more about the whole world of smoking that one might not know existed. Throughout this essay one can learn a lot through the story that Phillip Lopate wrote. It's not necessarily informative as much as it is fact. Its mainly just another outlook on smoking which some of us wouldn't have understood. And through that you gain a new respect for both the non-smoker as well as the smoker by understanding where both are coming from.

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