Journey Essay Ideas For Imagination

The imaginative journey is one in which we escape reality and are invited to acknowledge a new reality within the realms of the imagination. These journeys offer change and discovery providing valuable insight into ones past, present and future. Coleridge’s poems, “This Limetree Bower My Prison” and “Frost at Midnight” take the reader on an imaginative journey with the character through various forms of imagery placing a clear image in the readers mind. The book cover for “The Ivory Trail” by Victor Kelleher offers an artistic representation of the journey with images superimposed for added effect. The movie “The Butterfly Effect” co-directed by Eric Bress and J.Mackye Grubber is based on the chaos theory in which every little occurrence leads to a much larger event. The TV Show “Lost” follows the lives of 14 survivors of a plane crash placed in unrealistic circumstances on a strange island. These texts represent what the imaginative journey has to offer in a variety of ways.

The poems of Coleridge were written in the Romanticist era and thus, have elements of nature imagery imbedded within. For example in “Kubla Khan” Coleridge describes the location “Where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measureless to man…” using nature imagery to place a clear image in the readers mind and enjambment to keep the flow of the poem. As mentioned above his poetry represents not just a journey for the character, but also a journey for the reader through the nature and sensory imagery.

“This Limetree Bower My Prison” is a poem in which Coleridge, incapacitated due to injury, takes us on an imaginative journey with him to the dell where his friends are exploring. Taking this journey gives rise to a change of opinion. Coleridge originally feels trapped giving a negative view of his situation, “This Limetree bower my prison”, using the metaphor of his situation being like a prison to emphasise the fact that he feels trapped. Upon taking the journey his opinion is changed as “A delight comes sudden on my heart, and I am glad as I myself were there”. An enjambment is used here to keep the flow of the poem while making the reader pause at the final words of each line for their emphasis. From the journey Coleridge learns for himself, and teaches the reader, that “nature ne’er deserts the wise and pure”

“Frost at Midnight” is another of Coleridge’s poems in which Coleridge, only in the company of his sleeping child, reflects upon his childhood and school life. The reflection, sparked by the dancing flames of the fire allows Coleridge to come to the conclusion that his education was poor because he “saw nought lovely but the sky and stars.” He resolves to make his sons education better than his own because his son “shalt wander like a breeze by lakes and sandy shores”. The importance of nature is again emphasised here clearly placing the poem in the Romantic era.

The book cover for “The Ivory Trai”l is an artistic representation of journey in which the arrangement of the images makes it one of the imagination. The head in the sand with eyes gazing is indicative of an imaginative of an imaginative journey taking place as in the imaginative journey, the journeyer often gazes and contemplates new worlds. The surrounding images are placed above the head indicating they are from the mind and further emphasising that the journey is of the imagination. The text at the top “Not all journey’s have an ending” not only makes the reader contemplate whether this journey has an ending, it also emphasises the limitlessness of the imagination.

The movie “The Butterfly Effect” is one in which the main character, Evan, takes imaginative journeys into his past in the hope of altering his future, with disastrous consequences. As in “Frost at Midnight”, the journey is sparked by a specific object, in Evan’s case, this is his diary or the home videos. The journey is represented by a blurring of the image on screen, a flash of light and we are in the main character’s past. Through multiple journeys the character comes to realise that he must die for things to be ‘right’ because he has “no soul, no lifeline” he was “never meant to be”.

The TV Show, “Lost” is one in which imaginative journeys take place for both the audience and the characters. It is a journey for the audience as they are taken from reality to the imaginative realm of the island, complete with polar bears, a mechanical ‘security system’ and a secret revealed piece by piece. It is an imaginative journey for the characters as they reflect upon their lives before the plane crash and the crash itself. The journeys often make the character make rash decisions for example when Kate reflects upon the crimes she committed she makes the decision to steal another characters spot on the raft so she has a better chance of escape.

In one particular episode, one of the characters, Locke, is reflecting on a meeting with a woman claiming to be his mother. This leads onto the dream sequence in which Locke sees a plane crash, and this woman pointing in its direction. Locke sees this as his ‘sign’ and travels along the path to eventually find the crashed plane. A key quote of his “Possible is a relative term, especially on this island” emphasises how anything is possible in the imagination and clearly places this island within the realm of the imagination.

Imaginative journeys are those in which we escape reality and are invited to acknowledge a new reality within the realm of the imagination.

Why is it important to come up with good narrative essay writing topics?

In most occasions, when students have a task to write a narrative essay, they chose between two options: to use the topic that their tutor proposed or to come up with their own topic. The success of topic choice determines the success of the whole essay. In the event that you cannot do it yourself, college essay help from the best writers you can find here.

No matter what piece of writing you are assigned at your institution, the complete paper must be interesting to read. More important is to choose an essay topic that you will be interested in writing with passion. A narrative essay writing is the only genre of academic writing that allows the writer to expand his imagination and creativity on the fullest. While writing this type of essay you can omit strict structure regulations. That is why students like this essay sub-genre the most.

But the freedom of choice can become a challenge for essay writers. When you are allowed to write anything from your experience, you can stuck on idea deficiency. Some students use the first idea that comes in their head and work on it, but the result is not successful. Because the narrative essay topic must both be appealing to you can interesting to the audience who will read it. So, to give you the basis for topic consideration we provide a list of best ideas for narrative essays. They are organized in subtopics for your convenience. We also give a brief description of each subtopic the make you clearly realize what to write.

Narrative essay topic ideas

1. Experience

Typically, an aim of the narrative essay is to teach you how to tell about your experiences in a literary manner. So, to write a good essay you have to brainstorm all thoughts concerning your life experiences. It can be both negative and positive examples. Try to describe them in as many details as possible to attract readers attention.

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2. Childhood

A childhood is a period of bright impressions and first experiences. As children are naive and sincere, they have a tendency to get involved in ridiculous situations. We are sure that you have something interesting to tell about your childhood years. Let the next topic ideas call your memories of situations from childhood that can make a good basis for your narrative essay writing. 

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3. School years

The school is a path to the adulthood. A person gets essential knowledge and experience there. School years present challenges that contribute to the development of personality. Your school experience and the challenges you overcame are unique. That is why if you write about studying at a school in your narrative essay you have a chance to be original.

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 4. Relationships

The life of every person is closely connected with relationships. Everybody has personal memories of family, friends and beloved people. Your story about them will always have a private character, so if you are asked to write a narrative essay, relationships is an eternal source of unique ideas. 

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5. Morality

In every country, people obey legal laws. But there are other laws that regulate people's lives on a larger scale. They are laws of ethics and morality. Morality has an array of unsolved issues, the solution on which usually presents a choice. Either to do something and keep to rules of ethics, or do the opposite and violate these rules. Essay morality topics are a successful choice because they are always of immediate interest.

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7. Interests

Your interests determine the manner of everything that you create. Usually, the sphere of personal interests consists of hobbies and things that attract the person. To write a narrative essay about your interests ask yourself “What do I enjoy doing?” , “What music do I like to listen”, “How do I prefer to spend my free time?”. It is one of the topics about which you can write with passion. Mind that people enjoy reading texts written passionately.

8. Traveling

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Every spot in the world has a story. When you have a trip, the very stage of it is filled with impressions. No matter how many times people visited the seaside or mountains. You have your own journey and you have impressions of it. Why not share it with your readers? Narrative essay format allows you to write even the second Odyssey. Briefly, of course.

9. Student life

Life in college differs from school years. It is more adventurous and enriched with impressions. You are introduced to new people, subjects, a system of education and living conditions. So, it is a great basis for various epic stories! Starting from situations that happen particularly in college and life twists that tend to occur only during the student years. Student years are considered to be the best in the lifetime, why not to write about them in your narrative essay?

10. Imagine if…

In narrative essay topic that starts with the words “Imagine If...” usually require creating a story that is possible from your point of view in future. This subtopic is one of the most popular among the students. Because it allows them to make up everything they wish. The entire freedom of imagination!

I have chosen the topic for my narrative essay. What's next?

After the moment you found the most appealing topic for your writing, you must study carefully the instructions from your institution. Be aware of the size it has to be and start writing the narrative essay outline. Also, check out next writing tips, that will ease the writing process.

Tips on narrative essay writing:

1. Focus on specific details that are essential to cover the topic. Try to avoid mentioning irrelevant for the topic information.

2. Do not lie or embellish facts. Dig deep into your experience. Readers value the sincerity.

3. Connect your ideas. Use transition words to make your text coherent and easy to read.

4. Do not omit the conclusion. No matter what your topic is, you write a narrative essay to state what did you get from the experience.

5. Write in such a manner, that you will be interested to read it. If you won't like reading it, the text does not worth the attention of the audience.

6. See the limits of your writing. It is obvious that you can tell much about your experience, but you must not overload the reader with information.

7. Be creative. In the narrative essay, you can write in the first person and use different stylistic devices.

8. Follow instructions of your tutor attentively. Because even being a flexible writing genre, the narrative essay needs to be written according to stated patterns.

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