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COURSE CODE/COURSE: MGT162 – Fundamentals of ManagementPREPRED !": Pn #u$%a&'da FuadFCU(T": !us'ness ManagementSEMESTER: )une 2*1+ – Se,tem-e$ 2*1+T"PE OF SS.G#ME#T: GROUP SS.G#ME#T Re,o$t: 1*0  P$esentat'on: +0


Students a$e $e3u'$ed to fo$m a g$ou, %&'4& 4ons'sts of 5 – + mem-e$s Ea4& g$ou, needsto f'nd one o$gan'7at'on -ased on 8ou$ 'nte$est 9o%ee$; 8ou must ensu$e t&at t&eo$gan'7at'on t&at 8ou 4&oose d'd not oe$la, %'t& t&e ot&e$ g$ou, Students must %$'te a$e,o$t -ased on 8ou$ unde$stand'ng f$om t&e lesson lea$ned 'n t&e 4lass To%a$ds t&e end of t&e semeste$; ea4& g$ou, needs to ,$esent t&e'$ 'deas and f'nd'ngs to t&e $est of t&e 4lass



E<,la'n t&e -a4=g$ound of t&e o$gan'7at'on'#ame of t&e f'$m/-us'ness''(o4at'on'''P$odu4ts > se$'4es!Plann'ng

.dent'f8 and e<,la'n t&e f'$m?s – M'ss'on statement; goals; st$ateg'es used -8 t&e f'$msfo$ long@te$m d'$e4t'onCO$gan'7'ng

.dent'f8 t&e f'$m?s – O$gan'7at'onal st$u4tu$e and e<,la'n t&e o$gan'7at'on?s 4&a'n of 4ommand; s,an of 4ont$ol; l'ne > staff $es,ons'-'l't'es and t8,es of de,a$tmental'7at'onD(ead'ng

.dent'f8 t&e leade$s&', a,,$oa4& used -8 t&e manage$ 'n ma='ng su$e t&at 8ou$ em,lo8ees a$e %o$='ng to%a$ds a4&'e'ng t&e goals of &'s/&e$ o$gan'7at'on Relate 8ou$ ans%e$ %'t& an8 leade$s&', t&eo$'es ECont$ol

Des4$'-e t&e 4ont$ol met&ods ado,ted -8 f'$ms ,$e@a4t'on 4ont$ol; stee$'ng 4ont$ol;s4$een'ng 4ont$ol and ,ost@a4t'on 4ont$ol

Come out %'t& e<am,les of t&e 4ont$oll'ng a4t''t'es t&at ta=e ,la4e 'n an8 of t&e f'$mde,a$tment Planned ,e$fo$man4e ta$get; a4tual ,e$fo$man4e and 4o$$e4t'on a4t'on-e'ng ta=enFCon4lus'on

E<,la'n %&at 8ou &ae lea$ned f$om t&e d's4uss'on %'t& 8ou$ g$ou, mem-e$s







Turn Back Time..

For people back then, especially those from rural areas, used traditional methods of saving money to enable them to perform



They accumulated money in pillows under mattresses and in earthern jars which were buried for safety. They also purchased land or livestock which later could be sold to get the money needed for their trip to the Holy Land.These traditional methods were totally risky in terms of security and depreciation value.The main reason for the recourse to these out-dated ways of saving among them was thedesire to be absolutely sure that the money to be spent on pilgrimage was untained by


.However, these kinds of methods of saving are detrimental to the rural and urban economy inMalaysia. Impact, pilgrims face many difficulties and financial hardships upon their return fromthe


. Those who had sold part of their property before performing the


face problems insupporting their families upon their return home. Those who had sold all of their property hopingthat they will die in the Holy Land, face even graver problems upon their return to Malaysia.Looking at these phenomenons,

Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz

who had saw theneeds for muslims to gradually accumulate savings before performing the


, appeared to propose the establishment of savings institution that carries out its activities according to


principles. In his paper “

A Plan To Improve The Economic Position Of FuturePilgrims

”, submitted to the government in 1959, he recommended that future pilgrims shouldsave in a bank or financial institution which was untainted by


but which yielded profits.This suggestion marked the beginning of the formation of the

Pilgrims Saving Corporation

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