Business Management Personal Statement Undergraduate Example

Business Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I have long been a dedicated student of the processes of business and finance. Both their 
intricacies and their central place within the structure of our society have offered rewarding 
avenues for potential intellectual exploration, alongside challenging opportunities for practical 
application. It is this combination that has inspired me throughout school, work experience 
and into undergraduate study and that will continue to ensure that I strive to achieve similar 
results in future study and beyond.

From a young age I have demonstrated not only an interest in but also an aptitude for subject areas applicable to the study of business and finance management. With good grades in Business Studies at A-Level I gained an excellent grounding in the core principles of the discipline, for example, while I have also demonstrated a strong grasp of mathematics, its scientific application in Physics and Astronomy, and its financial applications in Accounting. This knowledge and experience will ensure that I am well prepared to study the complex aspects of finance at undergraduate level. I have also long been interested in the communication skills necessary to provide effective management and have worked to improve these abilities through the study of English and Media. 

Having carefully planned my route into Business Studies through my school career, I have 
spent the last year beginning an undergraduate course in Business Studies. While this has 
afforded me a valuable opportunity to undertake undergraduate level study of management, 
marketing, accounting, statistics and computing, due to personal reasons I believe that I have 
not been able to achieve my full potential at my current institution. By moving to an alternative 
university, with a high quality of both research and teaching, I feel sure that I can build upon 
this previous study and gain the level of knowledge necessary to excel in my chosen field.

Alongside my academic interests in the field I have also gained valuable work experience that 
has allowed me to witness, and to play a part in, the application of the principles I have 
studied in the context of the real business world. I have a year’s work experience as an Office 
Assistant at a high profile stockbroker. In addition to gaining experience of general administrative duties and liasing with clients and colleagues I also undertook date entry and company filing, allowing me first-hand experience of the administrative procedures within the industry. This experience inspired even greater enthusiasm for pursuing a role within the sector and my ultimate ambition would be to achieve an employment position within investment or corporate finance.

Outside of academia and employment I also make an effort to keep up with developments in the world of business and finance. I read both The Financial Times and The Economist on a regular basis and find that applying the academic knowledge I have learnt through education to situations I read about allows me to move beyond the theoretical and consider the practical applications. I also enjoy keeping fit and am a regular gym goer, while listening to music and watching movies are both activities that allow me opportunities for both relaxation and for socialising with friends.

I believe that I have proven myself to be a dedicated and capable student with the potential to 
perform well across all aspects of the study of business and finance. Despite some personal 
difficulties, I have retained a strong sense of focus and am determined to achieve my ultimate 
goal of working for a prominent institution in London, the world’s financial capital. If offered the 
chance to pursue further study at a prestigious university in the city, bolstered by the 
enthusiasm that being surrounded by the twin worlds of business and finance will inevitably 
engender, I believe that I can deliver on this promise throughout undergraduate study and 

Business and management studies degrees are among the most oversubscribed subjects at university. The highest ranking universities demand three As at A-level to be considered for a place. For these programmes, the personal statement is your chance to show admission tutors your potential beyond your grades.

In your personal statement you should talk about what you have learnt through your A-level studies. Courses with a specialist focus on accountancy or finance will ask for maths A-level, so if you studied maths do mention the skills you gained.

Peter Corvi, associate dean at the University of Warwicks' business school, says: "We're looking for strong quantitative skills."

Critically reflective essay writing skills are also important for a business studies student, says Corvi, so if you studied an essay based subject like English, history or economics, do mention your knowledge in this area.

The University of Warwick wants to see that students are able to formulate a rational argument and write it to length. Corvi says: "Some of our strong applicants are missing this skill."

So make sure that your personal statement is fluent, articulate and well structured.

Corvi says that each year he has more qualified applicants than he has places. One way for candidates to distinguish themselves is through their extra curricular work. But Corvi says he doesn't want to see descriptions of these skills without examples – make sure you explain why your extra curriculur activities are relevant, and give concrete examples of what you did and how this makes you a suitable candidate.

This sentiment is echoed at the University of Bath's school of management. Nick Kinnie, associate dean of undergraduate taught studies, advises students not to underestimate the importance of activities such as Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh and sporting positions, but to explain why you undertook them.

Kinnie says: "We want to see why they did it, what they learned and why it's relevant."

Intellectual curiosity and a strong work ethic are the core skills the London School of Economics (LSE) are looking for on their management programme. Will Breare-Hall, student recruitment and study abroad manager, says the LSE is looking for "the abilities to think and work independently, follow complex lines of reasoning, demonstrate logical thought processes, solve problems and communicate accurately and succinctly".

At Bath, the business programmes are concerned with linking theory to practice, so candidates need to demonstrate their ability to reflect on their experiences and explain how the skills they learned are applicable to higher education.

Once the admissions tutors have looked at grades to determine if an applicant meets its minimum requirements they turn their attention to the personal statement.

It's important to try and stand out, but extravagant stories won't impress an admissions team.

"It's an extreme example, but one year I had an application from someone who said that their mother knew when she was carrying the child that they were going to be an accountant," says Corvi.

Corvi recommends applicants have their statements read back to them, so they can hear how they sound to others reading it.

He says: "Describe yourself in a positive light without going overboard."

Bath's programmes, like many other institutions offering similar courses, have a strong emphasis on the global nature of business and management. Kinnie says he wants to see applicants not only express an interest in working in multinational environments, but also an awareness that they will be working with students from various cultures and backgrounds.

Although it's advisable for students to seek advice from their school when writing their statements, admission tutors want to hear the students' voice in their application.

Kinnie says: "The clue is in the title. The personal statement should read in an authentic and real way and in their own language.

"This is the first step in university life: taking responsibility for your own learning and development."

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